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Pepperidge Farm Owners Association of America
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What is POA
POA is a group of business owners who
What is the Purpose of the Association

The purpose of the association is to collaborate our resources so each individual Pepperidge Farm Owner can become more profitable.  We also  keep our members up to date with the latest industry news that could effect their business.  Communications are done through newsletters, Annual Meetings, Road Shows, as well as our message board service


The association puts the greatest priorty on keeping our contracts intact and making sure that all parties are adhering to them.

Why should I join POA

Distributors and Franchisees should join to protect there greatest asset....their route equity.  Since most of us paid substantial sums of money purchasing our contracts, it only makes sense to keep abreast of current situations that could affect you in the future.  (By the way, did you know that there are other groups that formed associaitons like Dairy Queen and McDonalds)


While POA offers forums to help grow your business, your membership is needed to help us in our current legal dispute against Pepperidge Farm.


The association has tried several avenues to meet and discuss our issues with Pepperidge Farm for the last three years.  Unfortunately, Pepperidge Farm didn't want to discuss our mutual issues so the association was foreced to seek relief thru the court system.


We are expecting to spend an additional $250,000 thru the end of 2008.





What are Dues used for?

Dues are used to for the administration of the association (meetings, conference calls, newsletters, and website). 


Your yearly dues also includes entrance to our yearly meeting held in Las Vegas in late April or early May.


The expenses to run the association is minimal, so the excess money goes into a Legal Fund (which is the largest expense the association has).

Are any of the postions such as president or board members compensated in any way
No, there are no paid administrative or elected positions at POA.  Board members who attend road shows do it own their own dime.
How do I get an elected or board position?

There are several positions that are filled each year at the Annual Las Vegas Meeting with terms running from one to three years.


President and Vice President are 2 year terms

Treasure and Secretary are 1 year terms

Directors are elected to 3 year terms

Advisory Board at Large Members are elected to 2 year terms


There are also several committees that members volunteer for such as Legal, publicity, website, and special events.